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Advanced Training: A weekend intensive to dive deep into your bowspring, body, and heart potential.


1230pm – 330pm – Masterclass


**9am – 1015am – Slow Bow L1
1230pm – 3pm – Inversions, Arm Balances, Wall
3pm – 4pm – Bowspring Flow EJ Stylezzz
4pm – 430pm – Intro to CCB


9am – 1015am – Sunday Bow Meows
1230pm – 3pm – Twists, Binds, Belly
3pm – 4pm – Slow Bow L2
4pm – 530pm – Conscious Connected Breathwork

* If you are coming from out of town- Please note: Thursday Level 2 530pm – 645pm, Monday Level 1 Seeds Kata EJ Style 530pm – 645pm
** Slow Bow Class on Saturday Morning is on the regular schedule- I will sign you in to this once you sign up.

Investment: $650
Deposit: $250 (holds space, non-refundable)

Cash, E-transfer, Cheque accepted. PayPal link is available with 3% fees.

Location: Victoria, BC, Canada, hosted at The Yoga Lab YYJ in the Moon Room.

Questions… HOLLER! |

Can’t wait to dive deep with all of you!
Space is super limited. Capping this offering at 8 people.

Facebook Event Page: Advanced Training

The winter solstice celebrates the longest hours of darkness or the rebirth of the sun and is believed to hold a powerful energy for regeneration, renewal and self-reflection. In Pagan times the winter solstice was referred to as Yule and was a celebration of the Goddess (Moon) energy.

Bring your journal, your body, heart, and spirit…
Starting the class: we will create intentions… Words to paper to create and manifest our desires.
Bowspring will move us- We will go slow, purposeful, and move into feeling and sensation… Breathing deeper into more space, opening and shining light into all the dark parts.
The breath will seal our practice… Through the breath, we open to the magic of spirit- releasing all that doesn’t serve us… Opening to all that we have just called in. And so it is.

Investment: $45
Space for 8 humans
Location: Moon Room @ The Yoga Lab, YYJ

The perfect send off into the holiday season- A time to reflect, to move, and to let go.

I can’t wait ♥

Facebook Event Page: Solstice Bow + Breath

Past Offerings

The Culture of movement: A bowspring workshop

Join us as we explore a variety of inversions utilizing the Bowspring method of movement. Learn to efficiently and effectively align yourself to inspire a sense of lightness in your practice. Gain valuable tips throughout this challenging yet accessible offering.

With Mike Stewart (Austin TX) & Elisha Jane (YYJ).

Facebook Event: INtro to Bowspring

What is the Bowspring?

**A curvy, springy, healthy posture.
**A dynamic postural template for optimal functionality and graceful movement for any body.
**A proportional, geometric relationship between the curves of the ribcage (heart), head and hips.

Bowspring is a functional, ergonomic, athletic, and therapeutic practice that aims to maintain your spinal curves and create more balanced harmony within the whole body. It helps to address modern day postural imbalances (such as the C-curve from increased slouching and sitting posture) due to technological advances. It is an evolution of modern postural yoga, with poses and posturing based on uniform muscular tone and fascial directionality. Working with 10 key areas of the body through a defined algorithm, Bowspring brings your body back to balance, strength, and vitality.

Join me to break down the Algorithm and understand the key alignment cue’s to this informed, scientific practice.
Evolve the way you move!

A week of Bowspring (5).png

SarahMikeElisha and Jahan are collaborating their favorite must-have Bowspring knowledge for this 7-day, 42 hour, Bowspring Training at Yoga Bow in beautiful San Diego, California.

  • Join us on Saturday, March 2nd at the San Diego Yoga Festival! The four of us will be leading a Bowspring class on the main stage at 3pm. You receive a complimentary ticket if you pre-pay for the workshop!
  • Sunday March, 3rd: Elee will be leading a Wim Hof Workshop at Mesa Rim Climbing & Fitness in Mira Mesa (10 minutes from Yoga Bow)
  • Monday, March 4th through Friday March 8th: 1:30pm-4:30pm & 5:30pm-8:30pm
  • Saturday March 9th & Sunday March 19th: 11am-2pm & 3pm-6pm

Topics of the training:

  • The basics of the Bowspring Algorithm, and how to safely apply the algorithm to any body
  • Teaching effective and mindful “Elementals” classes to beginners
  • How to grow you own local Bowspring Community with minimal resources
  • Utilizing Bowspring to effectively enhance the lifestyles of any 50/60+ population
  • How to cultivate the most powerful Bowspring you can visualize for your students
  • The most beneficial sequences of Bowspring for all populations
  • Effective hands on assists
  • Bowspring Philosophy
  • Level 2 & 3 Bowspring Practices and Bowspring Inversions
  • Using the Algorithm to create new Bowspring Postures
  • Cultivating strong students who push their mind, fear and unnecessary boundaries
  • How to incorporate Bowspring into your life outside the studio

  • Full 7 day training = $800* USD EARLY BIRD $640 until January 1, 2019
  • One day drop in = $140 USD
  • Saturday and Sunday only = $250 USD

*Includes a complimentary ticket to the San Diego Yoga Festival (value $108)!

For full details visit: YOGA BOW BOWSPRING TRAINING

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