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36 >>> 37 ||| March 29, 2020

36 I wanted to write a couple of reflections… I think it’s good to look back and see where you went, the lessons you learned and the things you accomplished or journeyed through. It helps to put things into perspective… and to see how much one year can hold!  Sober

Leaning into courage, vulnerability, and connection | Breathwork Retreat Musings

I came out of hosting my BOW | SURF | BREATHE retreat in Sri Lanka… It was an amazing experience- above and beyond- in all directions. We had a really special group… The energy was real, vibrant, special, and transformative. (Thank you!) I work best alone… And, even if it

Thank You 2019

This year has been a big one! My goodness, has it ever. The lessons have run so deep… The lessons have transformed me. Some key themes in 2019. Vulnerability kept me on my toes. I was humbled many times. I was cracked open, lights shone on shadows, lights bringing forward

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