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You Are Where Your Attention Goes

What you focus on expands. If you are operating from a fear, lack, or scarcity mindset, focusing on that which could go wrong or which isn’t yet manifested… You will cultivate more fear, lack, and scarcity. Our minds are powerful creators. What we focus on… What we give attention to-

Scorpio Full Moon: Deep Waters Of Renewal | Moon Letter + Updates | May 7, 2020

When we realize… WE ARE ONE… People will stop hurting and dismantling each other because of differing opinions and beliefs. This life is about raising the collective vibration of all. I hope we can all begin to move through our communications and dealings with each other with more love and kindness. Gentle beings who are


Dear healers, movers, preachers, meditators, energy workers, yogis, breathers… We were born for these times. You came here to shine bright, to be the light. This is your mission, it has been and it still remains. Do not lose sight. Recently, I read something that didn’t feel right. It spoke

Consuming Contemplation

We are in one of the most transformational times of our existence. There is an unknown and uncharted frequency that is being felt by all. All I can think about is: what are we choosing to  consume? Consumption comes in all forms and from all directions: we are consuming mentally,

Young FIre & New Beginnings | Aries New Moon | March 24, 2020

She has the heart of a warrior, living life in full color as dances between the extremesof fighting for what she loves and flying to a new horizon. She is full of passion, yielding to no one, she burns brighter than any star as she shapes the world to suit

Leaning into courage, vulnerability, and connection | Breathwork Retreat Musings

I came out of hosting my BOW | SURF | BREATHE retreat in Sri Lanka… It was an amazing experience- above and beyond- in all directions. We had a really special group… The energy was real, vibrant, special, and transformative. (Thank you!) I work best alone… And, even if it

Full Moon Leo: FULL MOON | FULL HEART | Moon Letter | February 9, 2020

“fierce with an open heart, she shines as bright as the sun, attracting all to her warmth. she is the queen of her world and allows in only those who deserve her. close to her flame, she sets the stage for the impossible, enjoying every step of the way.” Hi


HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2020… Vibes are HIGH! Wishing you prosperity in all directions. Wishing you love: inside and out… the unconditional kind that is warm like a hug. Wishing you the strength to follow your gut, your inner guides… you always know. Wishing you trust… surrender… and letting go into

Thank You 2019

This year has been a big one! My goodness, has it ever. The lessons have run so deep… The lessons have transformed me. Some key themes in 2019. Vulnerability kept me on my toes. I was humbled many times. I was cracked open, lights shone on shadows, lights bringing forward

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