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Winter Solstice + The Great Conjunction: We Were Made For These Times | December 21, 2020

Winter Solstice blessings lovers! Today we greet the solstice, the darkest day of the year. Long nights, goddess energy, the womb of creation, shadow, death, and rebirth. The most beautiful message came through to me in my dreams last night: “the light lives inside of you.” It is with this

Cancer (New) MOON Letter: Re-vision + Realign to the Heart

Hi beauties! Keeping this short and sweet! New moon love and blessings to you all!  It is always important to stay grounded… Spend some time in nature today, sit on the grass, do some cartwheel hand-to-earth connection, hug a tree, get in the ocean, river, or lake… Whatever it is…

Sacred Balance & Right Relationship: Libra Full Moon | Moon Letter | April 2020

“once you master your internal seas, no wave can ever throw you off balance.” True balance is only achieved once we understand imbalance. Truth exists within polarity. This moon is so precious to me. This moon is my astrology. My Sun is in Aries, a sign of leadership, new beginnings,

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