Work With Me

Offering:  bowspring inspired movement, mobility and functional training, energy work, breathwork, meditation, nutrition, Ayurvedic counseling, holistic well-being practices, witchy, hippy, woo woo… All the best things to make your days full of inspired wellness.

Vision: Inspiring people worldwide to rise to their fullest potential, follow their dreams, and find real connection to themselves and each other.

Mission: Create an online community encouraging and cultivating connection with live interactive experiences and offerings to help elevate and expand users potential through movement, healing practices, and conscious culture.

Breathwork: Conscious Connected Breathing: nervous system regulation, trauma release and energy integration, detoxification, consciousness expansion, human potential acceleration. 

  • 1.5 Hour Private Session: $150USD
  • 2 Hour Private Session: $200USD
  • 5 Pack Breath Session (1.5 hour ea): $700USD

Advance your movement: Mentorship

  • 25 hours: $3000USD 
  • 50 hours: $6500USD

Movement Training: for posture, performance, physical optimization, and holistic vitality- inside to out.  

  • Private: $150USD/hour

Corporate Group Training: $45USD each student/hour

For more information or to book an appointment- send me a note below!

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