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50 minute Burner with Jenna | Let’s go to Greece! |June 28, 2019

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Wake n’ Bow: 33 mins | June 29, 2019

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Bursting Fullness | Happy Moon | June 17, 2019 Newsletter

Endings always bring with them new beginnings. How beautiful is that. Hi loves! This beautiful Sagittarius full moon encourages us to look at the big picture… to vision, dream, and expand. From the brilliance of our thoughts… we create matter. Reality blooms from our mind! This is such an important,

Potent Meowsings for Gemini’s New Moon | Newsletter June 3, 2019

“I open my heart and I breathe in the winds of change as though my lungs depend on them.” Good morning lovely humans!  I hope you are waking up with sunshine in your hearts, as we move into this Gemini new moon phase. Gemini is quick in mind and thought-

‘It’s Time To Tell The Universe’ Full Moon Newsletter

You’re ready for a new vibration! Hi beauties! Just going to send you into this full moon with potency, empowerment, and LOVE! These times bring an urgency and a deep obligation to stand up, speak up, and be heard. We were made for these times: to be loud, awake, and

Learn Bow!

I have finally put this together… If you’re new to bowspring and want to learn- I have created this bundle on Vimeo. A course including an Intro to Bowspring: breaking down the algorithm, level one pose breakdowns, and a few elemental and level one bowspring classes taught by me! I’m

42 Minute Little Power Punch

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Hearts Wide Open: Taurus New Moon Blessings Newsletter

Hi beauties! I am working with these ideas from Chani’s new moon horoscopes for (at least) the next moon cycle. I feel like they could have value for everyone to work with. “I disrupt any thought that tells me I am not worthy. I interrupt any message that tries to cut back

Bow Your Heart Out… With Me!

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