Sacred Balance & Right Relationship: Libra Full Moon | Moon Letter | April 2020

“once you master your internal seas, no wave can ever throw you off balance.” True balance is only achieved once we understand imbalance. Truth exists within polarity. This moon is so precious to me. This moon is my astrology. My Sun is in Aries, a sign of leadership, new beginnings,


This time is necessary for our collective growth and evolution. As we sit at home in quarantine, many are watching as their previous lives crumble. Without warning, the devastation is closing down in strong and tangible ways. Old systems and structures are no longer feasible or serving us, the way


humans are so out of balance with nature.and always trying to dominate, force, and control…fascinating to watch as people cling to ideas that give them an illusion or sense of control.everyone is so afraid.squeezing and clinging and gripping so tightly…it must be hard-to live in this state of be


When I found Bowspring in 2015, I resisted it at first. It was wildly different, incredibly challenging, and it was contradicting everything I thought I knew about yoga and movement. (Now-a-days, it is not as avant garde as it once was, as some of these same concepts and ideas are being


Dear healers, movers, preachers, meditators, energy workers, yogis, breathers… We were born for these times. You came here to shine bright, to be the light. This is your mission, it has been and it still remains. Do not lose sight. Recently, I read something that didn’t feel right. It spoke

Consuming Contemplation

We are in one of the most transformational times of our existence. There is an unknown and uncharted frequency that is being felt by all. All I can think about is: what are we choosing to  consume? Consumption comes in all forms and from all directions: we are consuming mentally,

36 >>> 37 ||| March 29, 2020

36 I wanted to write a couple of reflections… I think it’s good to look back and see where you went, the lessons you learned and the things you accomplished or journeyed through. It helps to put things into perspective… and to see how much one year can hold!  Sober

Young FIre & New Beginnings | Aries New Moon | March 24, 2020

She has the heart of a warrior, living life in full color as dances between the extremesof fighting for what she loves and flying to a new horizon. She is full of passion, yielding to no one, she burns brighter than any star as she shapes the world to suit

Leaning into courage, vulnerability, and connection | Breathwork Retreat Musings

I came out of hosting my BOW | SURF | BREATHE retreat in Sri Lanka… It was an amazing experience- above and beyond- in all directions. We had a really special group… The energy was real, vibrant, special, and transformative. (Thank you!) I work best alone… And, even if it

Full Moon Leo: FULL MOON | FULL HEART | Moon Letter | February 9, 2020

“fierce with an open heart, she shines as bright as the sun, attracting all to her warmth. she is the queen of her world and allows in only those who deserve her. close to her flame, she sets the stage for the impossible, enjoying every step of the way.” Hi

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