I train students to find their voice and confidence through embodiment, authenticity, and practice. My mentorship programs are personalized because I believe we are all carrying unique genius that warrants individual honoring and attention. You aren’t generic and neither is your offering.

I will create a program with you and for you that will move you toward your highest potential. Together we will create a path that will challenge you to grow and ascend into your purpose, so that you may move forward with courage and brilliance in your own unique way. You were born to shine!

Commitment + dedication is required. I only work with committed humans!

Teaching may include:

  • Body: heart, central channel, alignment, fascial tensegrity, primal roots, holistic engagement, uniform tone, spirals, angles, plus so much more!
  • Pose breakdowns, advanced poses, sequencing
  • Mind: mentalism, neurology, and ways of be-ing
  • Heart: emotional resilience, unity consciousness, trauma + energetic integration, affirmations
  • Conscious Connected Breathwork + WimHof, healing at an energetic level
  • Chakras, elements, universal + cosmic laws
  • Magic!
  • Online business as a wellness and movement teacher

* I have been in online business for the past 5 years. Through a lot of trial and error, I have found the way to create a sustainable online business “machine.” I would be honoured to help you put this together and save you the years of learning to create the system.

Find me on Instagram: elishajaneismyname or elishaloulovesyou

For more information, please email: [email protected]

Elisha exceeds expectation as a teacher. Her passion for movement comes through in big ways and she is beyond creative. She shares her thoughts and ideas freely with the world and continues to be a great source of inspiration in my life. I am grateful for Elisha, she is honest and real. I have experienced tremendous changes in my mind, body and soul since committing to my practice with her. I am a stronger person these days than ever before and I cannot recommend her enough. Having Elisha as a teacher has really helped to elevate my life. 

Jenna Campbell

“I started training privately with Elisha Jane in early 2016, and was immediately impressed by her ability to articulate movement and teach in a way that was highly accessible, while also encouraging me to explore past the boundaries of what I thought was possible for my body. Working and training with Elisha completely transformed my life, both on and off the mat!

When I was offered the opportunity to train with her as a teacher in early 2019, I jumped on this immediately! As a passionate lover of the practice and a dedicated student, I was eager to take my practice to the next level in this way.

Elisha’s training exceeded my expectations on every level. Her precise attention to detail and powerful encouragement and feedback allowed me to step into the teacher role with a deep understanding of how to share this practice with confidence. I felt I was provided so much Love and support as she taught me how to not only be a good teacher, but a GREAT teacher.

I am forever honored and grateful to have had this experience with her, and would recommend it to anyone! Thank you, Elisha!”

Cecilia Mackie
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