Love Notes From Students

Of course, my students are my greatest teachers. Grateful and honored to hold space for each of you. Blessed to see you grow and bloom.

Elisha’s guidance and tutoring has revolutionized my practice. Her clear and thoughtful instruction has pushed my practice from a place of safety to a place where every challenge can be met with excitement and an open heart.

Elisha teaches with consideration for mindful movement and taking our practice back to our lives off the mat. The movement, strength, and form that I have learned from her have positively impacted my life as a runner and mountain biker. I have achieved more than I ever imagined from my practice from Elisha, and she continues to inspire and help me to grow my practice – much love!

Aoibhe (Ee-fah) Glynn (Victoria, BC)

I have followed Elisha for nearly one year taking her classes 2, 3, 4 times a week depending on what is available. Her classes are fun, that is what kept me coming back in the beginning. Her classes are challenging, and she consistently offers options to expand your practice, play and grow.

I started to notice I was getting strong, really strong, just by showing up and participating. This enabled me to play more and expand further. I continue to build strength, my body feels spacious and light. Elisha has this energy that motivates you to try hard and the results will keep you coming back.

As a side note, I have made a ton of friends who consistently follow Elisha, and we hold each other accountable. It’s like having a workout buddy, but several, and for every single class. Elisha doesn’t just teach Bowspring, she creates a community.


Elisha exceeds expectation as a teacher. Her passion for movement comes through in big ways and she is beyond creative. She shares her thoughts and ideas freely with the world and continues to be a great source of inspiration in my life. I am grateful for Elisha, she is honest and real. I have experienced tremendous changes in my mind, body and soul since committing to my practice with her. I am a stronger person these days than ever before and I cannot recommend her enough. Having Elisha as a teacher has really helped to elevate my life. (April 30, 2020)

Jenna Campbell (Victoria, BC)

Working in trades, I’ve always experienced back pain. It comes with the daily grind of life. An injury at the start of 2017 really started to hinder my day to day active lifestyle. I had to stop going to the gym and running because of the pain my injury would cause me. The only thing I kept doing was yoga, but even then- I was starting to realize that mornings after a practice would bring me even greater pain. Enter stage right- Ms Elisha and her Bowspring practice. Since starting Bowspring in the summer of 2017, I have made a full recovery from my injury and feel stronger than I ever have before. My fascia has been awakened and there is no stopping it now. I love her fiery practices and even more so the community she brings together. Bowspring forever!

Carl Paul Curtis (Victoria, BC)

I came to discover Bowspring while attending a Moksha class one morning. I’m normally so involved in my own practice that I rarely notice anyone else around me, but that day Elisha had her mat immediately in front of mine. As we flowed through the class, I got lost in the way she gracefully hopped into handstand, the way her practice had a different sort of bounce to it, a lightness. To say I was intrigued is putting it gently – I needed that in my life, whatever it was.

I got in touch with Elisha soon after and began practicing with her one on one. At first it felt so foreign – after 8 years of dedicated asana practice the alignment took awhile to click, and I had a lot of old habits to shed. The more I practiced, however, the lighter I felt. My once clunky, clumsy elephant feet started hitting the floor with more grace. I found that the alignment informed my day to day movement. Every action became an opportunity to practice – sitting, running, biking, jumping, walking, pushing, lifting, squatting and more.

My posture improved, my awareness expanded, my confidence grew, my breathe deepened. I became more mindful of my body and my emotional state. In 2011, I got hit by a car, resulting in a spinal injury that had caused the joints in my mid-spine to seize, limiting my flexibility and spinal mobility. However, I found that even this limitation had begun to fade away after a few months of regular practice. I came to understand the truly revolutionary potential and versatility this practice had when applied to any body type, any fitness level, and any modality of movement.

Eight months later my Bowspring practice continues to deepen alongside my gratitude. I have never felt so in tune with my body, never felt so strong and light. This movement has a quality that is intrinsic and primal – I feel truly blessed that I now have an opportunity to help spread the word and grow this powerful practice that has completely changed my life and perspective. All my gratitude goes out to Elisha for continuing to guide me into my strength, and to Desi and John for their dedication to sharing this practice with the world. I look forward to watching it grow. 🕉  

Cecilia Mackie (Victoria, BC)

I’ve been dealing with spondylolisthesis in my L5/S1 with a near 50% spinal displacement for over a decade now. I’ve tried everything short of major surgery to help correct this issue. In the mornings, it used to hurt just bending over the sink to brush my teeth. I live an extremely active life, so it has been my mission to manage this back pain in the best way possible. I stumbled across Bowspring two months ago, and after the first session I felt like this was going to help my back in a huge way! As a more dynamic form of movement with big side body openers that focus on gluteal engagement and front body lengthening, Bowspring made its impact on my body immediately. I used to think tucking my tailbone was what my back needed, as it seemingly provided traction and length in my L5/S1, creating more space. However, this was just avoiding the issue. Bowspring focuses on keeping the natural S curve of the spine while engaging important muscle groups.  Every class I attend just crushes my glutes, and makes me realize how underdeveloped and unengaged this extremely important muscle group is! Apart from being a hugely important part of my continual management for my lower back, Bowspring is so much fun! It is so playful with lots of arm balances and handstands. The movements are dynamic and functional, and when there are hot beats playing, you feel like your dancing, while getting strong at the same time! I’m sleeping in a bed again (I was sleeping in a hammock for a year, which alleviated low-back pain in the mornings), and I feel more confident in my ability to move dynamically without caution. Bowspring will be a part of my body management now for the rest of my life, and I’m so pumped to see how my body feels in 6 months… a year…5 years down the road! Also, a huge shout out to Elisha, who makes every class so much fun! Elisha’s playful, happy, loving attitude fills the room every class. She takes a sincere interest in every student’s reason for trying Bowspring. She radiates joy and love. It’s hard not to leave a class feeling 100 times better than when you arrived. I look forward to each and every class!

Nico Grauer (Victoria, BC)

Last year when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I knew I needed something to look forward to & work towards to make it through the upcoming year of treatment. I surf. I love surfing. I decided to set the goal to be back in the water by August. However, by the second chemo, I was losing muscle & dropping weight. I was doing yoga but having a hard time staying motivated & it was getting harder to get to & from class while still having enough energy to do the classes. 

It was then that I noticed Elisha’s posts on Instagram & FB about Bowspring. I met Elisha briefly 3 years ago, in Nicaragua. Even though I only took 4 or 5 of her yoga classes, she left a strong impression. Her classes were inspiring, fun, & she so full of life. I remembered how much I enjoyed her classes, so I reached out to her. I hoped that she would be able to do classes via skype. I didn’t know how much I would be able to  do but I needed try something to keep me moving forward. 

Elisha was amazing. She was able to adapt the lessons to my energy level as my treatments progressed, while still encouraging & challenging me. I grew frustrated at times as my energy dipped or other side effects surfaced that would impede my progress. Elisha, helped me work through this with grace. She reminded me I could only do what I could do & that I was doing a lot. Over time I could see improvements, in muscle tone & strength. I always felt so strong by the end of class, even if had to take a nap afterwards. She brought light, laughter, & love to me weekly as she helped me become stronger & attain my goal. I was back in the water June 1st & my last treatment was last week. 

I am so grateful for Elisha & Bowspring. I still do classes with Elisha via skype & am looking forward to attending the upcoming Earth to Sky Bowspring Retreat in Nicaragua in March. 

Still moving forward,

Nicole Close (Halifax, NS, Canada) (December 2017)

1.) Commitment – Elisha has committed wholeheartedly to practicing and teaching Bowspring. As much as she has an open mind of what other movement modalities others are practicing and learning, she is fully committed to practicing and teaching Bowspring. This commitment is evidenced by her teaching only Bowspring classes, no blended classes where Bowspring is sprinkled in. Her classes are called Bowspring, she markets and presents herself as a Bowspring teacher only, and she’s an ambassador for the practice in the yoga community both locally and globally.

2.) Integrity – I have never known Elisha to shy away from having a hard conversation or from speaking/living her truth. She speaks up to maintain integrity and that of the Bowspring practice. I have seen this played out by her having discussions with modern postural yoga teachers on topics related to practice or anatomy, with Elisha advocating for the Bowspring. I have seen this played out in her classes, and as a student in my classes, where she is gracefully vocal about her experiences in her own body with the benefits of the Bowspring practice.

3.) Joy – Elisha is a naturally effervescent and joyous. Her joy and enthusiasm for the Bowspring practice and teaching is evident and draws students to her classes. This joy and natural positivity serves her well in times of adversity or when she is challenged. I have witnessed her bump up against discomfort and effortlessly been able to shake it off and move on, as her outlook is positive. She’s not one to hold grudges or linger or wallowing in resentment. Teaching the new paradigm of the Bowspring can be fraught with closed doors, judgements and other challenges while attempting to grow the practice in a community, and she handles this endeavour with grace and joy.

Karin Keats, Bowspring Teacher in Victoria, BC
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