What is the Bowspring?

  • A curvy, springy, healthy posture.
  • A dynamic postural template for optimal functionality and graceful movement for any body.
  • A proportional, geometric relationship between the curves of the ribcage (heart), head and hips.

Bowspring is movement medicine, a postural revolution, a movement lifestyle. Bowspring is a new movement methodology that is supported by modern scientific ideas rooted in anatomical, physiological, psychological, and energetic intelligence. A synergy of alignment between 10 key parts of the body to create fluid lightness and springy power for peoples of any age.

Bowspring maintains your natural spinal curves- working with the double-S-curve template. It works to bring back even, balanced engagement of the anterior chain with the posterior chain. When the body is balanced, it can work as efficiently, effectively, and harmoniously as possible. Working with fascial lines of directionality and tonus, we learn to find balanced and informed methods for movement.

With the bowspring algorithm, we embody a functional and dynamic postural form that enhances strength, balanced engagement and tonus, as well as mindful connection of body, mind, and heart.
Bowspring stands rooted in three main facets; accountability, compassion, and mindfulness, creating a holistic, body, mind, and heart practice. Whole body connection and awareness creates a mentally stimulating, dynamic, and posturally informed class. But, bowspring isn’t just for the class, bowspring is made to be taken off the mat as a functional postural application for moving in all aspects of your life.

For more information on the Bowspring methodology- check out the website!

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