Join us in January to dive deep into human potential. If there is one thing I know, we are all in our best spirits at the beginning of the new year, ready to make big, sustainable changes in the right direction- to raise our vibration to a higher frequency- to elevate our potential and sail easy on higher skies.

An intimate group offering- working with 3 holistic professionals- to move you into a new decade with sparkles, magic, and bells on.

>>> 3 Bowspring Classes / Week with me! [Online + Recorded]

Bowspring will change your life. It’s that simple. This practice is a potent healer, bringing your body into balance, alignment, and optimal fitness. After a dedicated month of practice, you better believe you will see and feel the difference. Not to mention your butt will be… evolving in the most beautiful way. Trust me!

  • Tuesday 8am PST
  • Thursday 8am PST
  • Saturday 12pm PST

>>> Consultation + two week check in with Sarah Vidalin RD for nutrition game-plan and recipe ideas + inspiration each week.

Sarah is a plant based foodie who walks her talk. She advocates for a greener planet, sustainability, sourcing locally, and fueling through natures choice- plants. Visit her blog for amazing recipes that are easy, seasonal, and delicious! www.sarahvidalin.com

>>> Weekly Meditation by Cecilia Mackie

Cecilia is a light force healer- working through her own ailments, she has mastered the art of diving inward, shadow understanding and acceptance, and deep love and heightened consciousness. Her playground is in the healing arts, working with nutrition, movement, plant medicine, and meditation. https://live-eat-breathe.com/

>>> Worksheets and guidance to set you off on the right track for 2020

  • Week 1: Self love, esteem, alignment, and universal laws.
  • Week 2: Intention, desire, decision, commitment.
  • Week 3: Resistance, doubt, fear | Resilience, courage, faith.
  • Week 4: Surrender, let go, trust.


  • Access to Vimeo Membership [$18 USD]
  • Free Month: Daily Ritual Online Movement + Wellness Studio [$119 USD]
  • Vision Board Creation… Let’s create our dream lives! [$50 USD]

Total cost:

$497 USD

Space for 12 people

>>> Sign up: 2020 Start Up!

Make 2020 your best year yet, or give the gift of health! … After all, without our health, what do we have? xoxo

Loving you all so big!


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