Infinite Possibility | 90 Day Group Transformation | Starts: Nov 15, 2019

Decide | Commit | Reset | Realign | Receive | Transform

Anything is possible, trust that anything you set your mind on, anything you desire- is available to you.

You are infinite. Anything is possible.

Working with all four directions: spirit, mind, body, and heart… We are going to shape-shift your world and re-direct you toward your dream life.

Spirit: The breath teaches us to let go of what is no longer serving us so that we can create more space to allow for what we are calling in. Breathwork is the most healing, transformational tool for releasing stale energy, emotions, and trauma- and creating new energetic space at a somatic level.

Mind: We will dig deep into the subconscious to rewire, re-pattern, and re-focus. This is where we will tap into nerdy universal laws, neuroscience, psychology, and manifesting anything we desire. Through the power of decision making, commitment, intention, mindfulness, and focused direction, we will create a frequency that calls in abundance in any area we choose.

Body: We are earthlings: spirits enjoying a physical human experience. We have been given this beautiful human body to explore and to experience all things seen and felt. A holistic transformation from the inside out. Thriving includes feeling optimal in your physical body. Bowspring will help you find your posture for success, inner well-being, and optimal physical fitness.

Heart: Unless we are following and pursuing our heart, dreams, and passion- what is the point? This part will help you learn to give, receive, and move in the direction of your highest heart calling. The heart is like your north star- and you can trust that it will never point you in the wrong direction. Let’s figure out how we can manufacture a life that feels heart driven.


  • 3 Weekly bowspring group classes (36 total) (Value $900)
  • Weekly Theme (12 total) | Meeting | Workshop | Email on: self esteem/self love, abundance, manifestation, universal laws, business mind, subconscious investigations, life principles, chakras (Value $2400)
  • 12 Conscious Connected Breathwork sessions (once weekly) for clearing, moving energy, letting go, releasing trauma, empowered healing and confidence in all areas of life (Value $2400)
  • 1 One-on-one private counsel: action plan, goal setting, personalization, and next steps (Value $300)
  • 2 follow up one-on-one private counsel to check in, accountability, extra assistance, refinement (Value $500)
  • Weekly Q&A facebook live, any and all questions and concerns

Total Value: $6500

Total Cost: $2997

Payment plans available (3 Payments of $1097)

Limited Space!

1 Payment (Buy Now Button!) $2997 USD

3 Payments (Subscribe Button!) $1097 USD X 3

Commitment is the only way to guaranteeing our success. Are you ready to commit to your highest potential?

If you wanna chat more about what this looks like for you- send me a note! I would love to connect.

When in doubt just remember; you are made of dust, and will return to dust, but also remember you are no ordinary dust. You are made from the ashes of stars. So shine, be a raging fire and do justice to the star you’re made of. – Elsa Siby Jose

Meow meow!

Love Elisha xo

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