Shining Bright & Dreaming Big | Aquarius Full Moon Rising | August 15, 2019 Newsletter & Updates

Hi beauties!

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you. When you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.”

Shining bright is your birthright! I hope that when you find yourself offended or resenting or feeling less than in the presence of someone who is embodying their divinity and shining bright- that you question your own shadows… and work to uncover the feelings of not being enough, feeling lack, fears, self loathing, or shame. I hope you look to those uncomfortable places so that you can learn to love yourself more… so that you can feel strong and bright enough in the presence of others who are shining their light… so that we may all rise together knowing and trusting that: WE ARE ENOUGH! You are enough! And, we will all be taken care of in the abundance and love of the universe that supports us all.

Lots of cool things coming!

  • Online live wellness and movement studio (Yaaaassssss!)
  • Group transformation projects: to up-level your life in mind, body, and business.
  • Hive mind healing, abundance, and manifestation groups… A top tier, high level offering… I’m SO excited about!
  • Podcast! What!! Yea- That’s right… I’m jumping on this train as a creator! What do you want to hear me talk about? (ps- this scares the shit out of me! haha)
  • Plus so much more- weeee!
  • I am looking for rad humans to join my team. Please fill out my ridiculous application. I am not really looking for your qualifications as much as I am looking for your personality and awesomeness. Apply Inside This LINK!

I have been building things… working ALL summer!! haha This is not my usual summer protocol… but it is time to rise! I am so excited to share with you what I have been up to… It’s coming soon… eeeee!!

I love you guys- I am stepping into the light. I am shining bright- I hope you will join me and support me, as I support you- We rise together. Thank you for being here. I am so, so, so grateful.

My top 12 manifestation tips!

  1. clear your space, tidy up, get rid of things!
  2. ho’oponopono: I forgive you, I’m sorry, Thank you, I love you.
  3. feel it! feel the feelings you would have if you had what you desired as if you had them right now! BE-DO-HAVE
  4. gratitude… We must be thankful for what we are blessed with already in order to be gifted with anything more.
  5. intention: directed, focused, clear.
  6. responsibility: full accountability for where you are… full responsibility of all things happening in your life, good and bad.
  7. detox your negativity- notice your complaining, notice your negative thoughts- replace them with positive, light, love.
  8. celebrate the good things! even if they’re small.
  9. envision game strong- see it to believe it. (sticky notes and vision boards help)
  10. listen to your belly- your intuition rules all, tap in and follow it’s truest guidance.
  11. law of attraction: what you think, do, believe is what you attract. consider that… like attracts like. (it’s science!)
  12. ayni: the sacred practice of reciprocity- the more you give, the more you get.


I am running a couple of live Zoom Bowspring classes each week through the summer- If you want to be notified, please feel free to join this group: EJ Zoom Bow Classes. My live offerings are well suited to seasoned Bowspring practitioners who are looking to expand and move in the most free, fun, strong, and spirited way. We have a solid group of humans connecting up to move each week- I love them, and we want you there!

If you are new to Bowspring and want some slower paced, more beginner friendly classes, breakdowns, and details- my Vimeo “Intro to Bow” course is perfect for you. I’m feeling friendly- And, I want you to jump on this bowspring train… It is a game changer, body healer and strengthener, and makes your bum look beautiful! Offering 25% off with code: SUMMERLOVIN – Find the link here: Intro to Bowspring Summer Loving Special for you xoxo. Code valid now until August 28th. Share the love if you know someone needs this course. xoxo

If you have a solid Bowspring practice and can’t make the live offerings: try my Vimeo Membership… It is updated regularly with new bow videos ranging all lengths, level one and two. I am always open to your requests!


A Spotify playlist I made: Kolida

Lately, I have been slow moving, deep and mindful… So… Here is another playlist I made just for that! Enjoy xoxo: Deeper


​​A beautiful reading for your moon hearts- Wishing you all the success, abundance, and love you can handle. As always, take what resonates, and leave the rest. Dig into the inquiry- Asking good questions is, possibly, the key to all your dreams coming true. LOVE YOU! 

Podcasts, Articles, Information!

Isolation is the dream killer, not your attitude | Barbara Sher | TEDxPrague

Ayni: Sacred Reciprocity by Lonerwolf: Quite simply, if you want to receive more, GIVE more. Give your gratitude, give your love, give your support, give your attention. Paradoxically, the only way to receive more is to give more. And by giving, you naturally receive.

Ayni: The Force of Reciprocity: “How do you approach asking people who are used to fighting for power to change and share instead?”

When I ask my question, his face lights up in a huge smile. “To know your own strength and capability is one of the most important skills in our world. It is about mas- tering the energy and seeing visible practical results that can be translated into the greatest common good in daily life. So, as often as possible, we take the opportunity to challenge each other to see who is strongest and who masters the challenge. The principle of ayni enters in the sense that the “winner” is required to teach the “loser” how he won. That is, if the loser wants this knowledge, of course. So “the struggle” for power does exist in our culture, but we see it more as a “game” in which we can experience our inner power while contributing to the growth of the whole.

Ayni: The Reciprocity of Life | Podcast with Jim Fortin & James Wedmore | Episode 33

Ayni: The Reciprocity of Life Part 2 | Podcast with Jim Fortin | Episode 35

Book Recommendation: The Power of Eight: Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World

Discover how to tap into your extraordinary human capacity for connection and healing, using astonishing new findings about the miraculous power of group intention and its boomerang effect, in this new book by the author of the international bestsellers The Intention Experiment and The Field.

What we send out into the universe comes back to us, magnified. Although the power of intention—the energy of positive thoughts—is widely accepted as an influential force in transforming lives, the exponential power of group intention has never been explored, until now. In The Power of Eight, Lynne McTaggart, an expert on the science of spirituality, reveals her remarkable findings from ten years of experiments about how group intention can heal our lives—and change the world for the better. Drawing on hundreds of case studies, the latest brain research, and dozens of McTaggart’s own university studies, The Power of Eight provides solid evidence showing that there is such a thing as a collective consciousness. Now you can learn to use it and unleash the power you hold inside of you to heal your own life with help from this riveting, highly accessible new book.

Moon Musings & Magic

Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Aquarius August 2019 by Chani

MysticMamma Aquarius Full Moon Musings August 2019

Nylon: August Full Moon in Aquarius by Gala

The Power Path: Aquarius Full Moon by Lena Stevens: The container of this full moon is excellent for dreaming big, new and different. Share some inspiration with others. What do you want your life to look life to look like in a year? In five years? What if?

The Moon Woman Astro-Forecast: Aquarius Full Moon & her awesome video: Full Moon in Aquarius August 15 YouTube (this is really fantastic- I listened to the first 15 minutes 3 times!)

Spirit Daughter: “Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you. When you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.”- #BarbaraMarciniak.⁠
Early tomorrow morning we have our Full Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius sits opposite Leo in the sky and on the zodiac wheel. The two are similar at their core, but they express their energy very differently. Both Leo and Aquarius are concerned with authentic self-expression, but where Leo is concerned with individual expression, Aquarius is concerned with how our expression affects the collective.⁠
Aquarius reminds us that we are each carry a unique frequency and we emit that frequency out into the world in various ways. It projects through our thoughts, our behaviors, and our intentions. We are always sending out a signal through our vibration which attracts energy to us and contributes to the overall vibration of the planet.⁠
It is our responsibility to own our frequency and adjust it as necessary. The Full Moon in Aquarius is the time to fine-tune your frequency and shed whatever lowers your vibration. These are things like guilt, shame, anger, and regret. As you release what lowers your vibration, you naturally raise it and then attract things which help bring it to a new level. You then help raise the frequency of everyone around you and help to define the vibration of the space instead of letting it define you.⁠

Astroccult: ✧Full M◯◯N in AQUARIUS✧ “The moon is just as mysterious as it is mystical. It governs your intuitive instincts, inner world, and the most private sector of your life. When it reaches its peak of fullness, emotions become heightened, which explains why the emotional meaning g of the full moon in Aquarius 2019 has everything to do with your sense of belonging, both personally and collectively. When the moon is full, it sits directly opposite the sun, making a symbol of the divine masculine and feminine energies. Full moons are equivalent to a spiritual culmination from the heavens, and in the sign of Aquarius, an opportunity to make a difference in your community. The Leo-Aquarius axis rules the heart and the mind. It’s a reminder that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts: Leo, being a unique expression of the self, and Aquarius, the entire ensemble. Just imagine what would happen if everyone played their own unique instrument. The world would be one big colorful orchestra, right? This is the essence of Leo-Aquarius, with the exception that Leo lives for the applause and Aquarius prefers to break free from social norms. Despite their innate similarities, there is a distinct polarity between Leo and Aquarius. What exactly happens when the sun in theatrical Leo directly opposes the moon in rebellious Aquarius? Aside from being a call for balance, this is a time to surround yourself with like-minded groups of individuals in order for you to discover your overall sense of belonging in society. How can your unique gifts make a difference in the world as you know it? How can you tap into your inner humanitarian spirit? Similar to the essence of Sagittarius, there is an emphasis here on the bigger picture and with Leo in the mix, you get to be the star of your own reality show.”

August Theme of the Month: DISCOVERY

August 15:
Full Moon is Thursday, August 15 at 6:29 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). Discover freedom. Where are you free and where are you not free? If you feel held back or restricted, discover why and where this restriction is coming from. If. If it is related to a karma, evaluate where that karma is and how you can either complete it or renegotiate it to allow for more freedom of expression and action. With this Full Moon, we experience a realignment of the flow of energy getting stronger as we continue to refine our intentions and take action over the next couple of weeks. So, have your boat prepared. It will be taking off down the river whether you are ready or not.

August 17-23:
An energy is activated during this time that creates a good container for dealing with unfinished business of any kind. Whether old karmic residue or the completion of an old habit or belief, make a point of closing up the energy leaks and tying up loose ends in the spirit of ceremony and sacred space. If forgiveness and compassion are helpful, add those into the mix. This container also supports community events, social times, new relationships, reorganizing of current projects and putting your “self” out there. Remember that this is month to focus on self as you discover many aspects. Make sure to say no and set good boundaries if necessary.



Breath In Motion: A Bowspring & Breathwork Retreat
Date: September 30 – October 7, 2019
Location: Umbria, Italy
Accommodation: The Sanctuary by Caimeli 
Space for: 12 guests
Teachers: Jennifer Metzger & Elisha Jane

What’s included:

  • 10 Bowspring Classes / Workshops
  • Breathwork with Jennifer & Elisha
  • Morning Hiking Excursion
  • Authentic Pasta Making Evening
  • Chef-made Vegetarian Meals
  • Beautiful accommodations nestled upon an olive orchard and rolling mountains
  • An amazing group of humans to have an unforgettable week away with

Facebook Event: Breath in Motion | Umbria, ITL


restore to life or consciousness

A weekend of bowspring, breathing, nature… To rest, restore, and reconnect to yourself and to the beautiful humans who create our rising tribe.

Facebook Event: | REVIVE |



10 days of Bowspring bliss in the junglely, beautiful, majestic Sri Lanka!

Bow + Surf Immersion Sri Lanka
Date: February 22 – March 2, 2020
Location: Welligama, Sri Lanka
Accommodation: Green Peace Inn
Space for: 14 guests

What’s included:

  • 2 Bowspring classes per day // Handstand workshops
  • One free day of exploring
  • Group Surf Lesson
  • Choice of deep tissue or secret root Ayurvedic full body massage
  • Breathwork with Martina & Alex
  • 2 vegan meals daily, with freedom to explore for your 3rd meal
  • Beautiful ocean front accommodations
  • An amazing group of humans to have an unforgettable getaway with

Facebook Event: Sri Lanka 2020

IG: elishaloulovesyou & elishajaneismyname

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