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Hi beauties! 

Keeping this short and sweet!

I don’t know about you- but I am feeling the heaviness of July lift… It almost feels like night and day… The way my energy, mood, and inner being has shifted into more love and light… July was hard… right? I don’t think I am alone with these feelings… Cripes. See ya later JULY!  It felt like a month that brought up old insecurities, stagnancy, and overwhelm. I am THRILLED to feel the fire energy and action that Leo season is bringing. I am back! It feels good. 

August is here tomorrow- I anticipate a busy, productive month. This summer has felt a little unusual for me- I have been working a lot- planning a lot- creating a lot! Any one else feel like their summer is passing them by while they hustle it up? I think it’s ok. Sometimes we need to make sacrifices to see our dreams come to reality. Sometimes we have to work extra hard to build the visions we aim to create and manifest. It’s not just thinking the dream that needs to happen- it’s also putting in the hours to create the container for the dreams to seed and grow into. 

I am really excited about programs and offerings I am building for September. Soon I will be sharing them with you! In the mean time- what do you need more of in your life? What do you want to learn? What do you care about? 

If you email me… I actually get your emails (and I LOVE IT when you do!)… and I respond! I am a real, cool human- and the whole point of everything I do is to create more real, awesome connections and communities. So… Let me know how you’re doing in life.. I care. 

Wishing you a beautiful new moon- full of all the energy you have been craving and needing to fill your heart and soul. Leo knows self love… so take some time to fill your cup, be so true to you! Love yourself right up. Meow meow meow. xoxo 

Have the best week lovelies! 


Time is Art – A Spotify Playlist by me!

​Check out: Pavel Dovgal (LOVE this sound!) 

​Bow Bow Bow

Let’s Play Bowspring: YouTube Bowspring Video

Essential Oil

​​Lemon for focus

Lemon oil engages the mind and aids in concentration, dispelling confusion and bestowing mental clarity. Lemon restores energy, mental acuity, and ignites drive to complete projects. Go team! This oil is excellent if you struggle with concentration or experience overwhelm with completing tasks, clearing self judgement and restoring confidence. This oil is naturally uplifting, playful, and inspires buoyancy in the heart. Lemon infuses the soul with energy, vitality, confidence, and alertness. 

Lemon essential oil is typically used to ease stress, fight fatigue and insomnia, and address conditions such as acne, athlete’s foot, depression, warts, and varicose veins. In addition, lemon essential oil is said to stimulate the immune system, alleviate pain, and promote weight loss.​

If you want to learn more about essential oils, let me know! I have lots of information on how you can incorporate these oils into your life. If you are looking for ways to eliminate the chemicals in your home, essential oils are a great way to do so! Wholesale accounts and business opportunities are available through me… Let me know if you want more information! doTERRA sources the highest quality, eco-friendly, sustainable, and fair trade oils available. 

Elisha Jane doTERRA Website


​​When I pull these cards… I shuffle them for a while… asking them- “what do my humans need to know?” 

I believe, these cards are magical… channeling through potent and perfect wisdom… exactly what we need to hear. These cards- are perfect for this moon. 

Consider the words, consider the inquiries… Take some time to reflect and go inside… to shift around the parts that need moving, to release the parts that need letting go… so that we may make space for all the good things coming- call it in, my beauties… Hear your lion hearts roar. ** As always, take what resonates, and leave the rest. Love yous! 

“Am I ready to face my fears and trust myself?”

“Could my dreams use any support?”

Magic. xo

Podcasts, Books, Articles, & Important Shit

The Functional Role of Fascia in Posture and Movement | PTonTheNet

5 Mindsets that Create Success by Mark Manson

What is the Devil? with Paul Chek | Aubrey Marcus Podcast: Real-life Yoda and world-renowned kinesiologist Paul Chek returned to the podcast for a discussion that can only be labeled as “intense.” Not a moment was wasted before I asked him to help me understand the force of Resistance colloquially referred to as the “Devil”. This podcast might trigger a few of you, but I urge you to listen to the context of our discussion and mine the precious metals that lie beneath the Judeo-Christian construct.

What A Girl Wants, What A Girl Needs: Podcast by Juliet Allen & Leela Kalyani: In this episode of Authentic Sex Juliet and her friend and feminine healing guide, Leela Kalyani, talk about what we as women (and men) genuinely want and need in relationship in order for us to have a healthy and connected relationship. This episode covers all sorts of things including communication, sex drive, personal growth, listening skills, healthy masculine and feminine energy, inner marriage, wanting to be ravished, money, plus so much more.

Book Recommendation: Energetic Anatomy: An Illustrated Guide to Understanding and Using the Human Energetic System

There is far more to the Human Energy System than the “aura” and the “chakras.” In Energetic Anatomy, you will explore powerful and largely unknown energy structures, never before covered in-depth, in any book. In addition you will learn practical, proven methods to see, feel and use energy and master the use of these energy structures. Heal yourself and others on every level – physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally through the use of the many simple and effective exercises in this book. By understanding the structures of the Human Energy System, and their function, it becomes easier to identify and transform core issues, rapidly change negative emotional states and create greater certainty about your relationship to spiritual reality. The beautiful, accurate illustrations by award winning artist, Gosha Karpowicz, help you to gain a visual perspective which empowers your ability to use your imagination to assist you in developing conscious use of the Human Energy Sytem. You will develop the ability to clearly see and feel where your energy comes from and where it goes, and to know just how intimately all of life is bound together. This new understanding will lead to a much greater evolution of your awareness, until you can consciously use these powerful structures to significantly improve your health and benefit others. Ultimately, the life-affirming tools developed in this book can be used as an effective bridge into the boundless and timeless world of spirit. This book is a must have for energy healers, bodyworkers, physicians using the Human Energy System in their practices and those interested in maximizing their performance in any area of life.​

Moon Musings, Horoscopes & Magic

Horoscopes for the New Moon in Leo by Chani!

Nylon | New Moon in Leo | by Gala

New Moon in Leo by Lena Stevens | The Power Path

MysticMamma Musings: Leo New Moon July 31 – Aug 1

The Power Path Monthly Theme for August: DISCOVERY: Discovery is recognizing you have a talent for something you never acknowledged before. Discovery is realizing a truth about a passion that needs to be cultivated. Discovery is facing a challenging fact that one or more of your relationships, intentions or desires are no longer aligned with your highest good. Discovery is finding that place within you that has the courage to finally let go of an attachment that has been holding you back. Discovery is claiming an inner knowing that you can do it and taking the steps to prepare for the action that follows. Discovery is becoming more aware of your actions, reactions and motivation versus the expectations and projections of others.

Nylon August Horoscopes by Gala

The Vice Magazine Monthly Horoscopes

What Is A Black Moon? “…She is dark on a New Moon and her darkness is what draws us inward to the depths of our subconscious. With the veil lowered between the conscious and subconscious mind on a New Moon, we can clearly see our attachments and what holds us back from our dreams. We can also see our true desires, unbound by any restrictions our conscious mind may place upon them. From this darkness, we can create our highest visions and start to plant intentions to help bring them to fruition.

On a Black Moon, the energy of a New Moon is amplified. We can travel even further inward to clear out and cleanse energies which don’t align with our visions of the future. A Black Moon takes on an element of release, much like a Full Moon, but it does so by shifting our inner world so powerfully that we feel reborn. It’s a time to cut old cords, to break free of patterns blocking our dreams, and to see our shadows which prevent us from fully stepping into our power. On a Black Moon, there is an opportunity to enter a new realm of being, one that resonates with every layer of your energy.”

From: Spirit Daughter


🔥♌️NEW MOON IN LEO ♌️🔥 .⁠
Tonight we have our Black/New Moon in Leo reminding us that sometimes we have to walk through fire to feel who we truly are. This second New Moon of the month, aka the Black Moon, gives us deeper access into our energy, helping us understand our core vibration at a new level. Leo inspires us to be our most authentic self and to show that person to the world. The Leo Black Moon is a time to shed anything that doesn’t resonate with your home frequency and remember that your greatest power lies in being yourself.⁠
This New Moon is a time to be reborn as your truest self, it’s a time a realign with your highest visions of yourself and feel your strength to handle any fire life brings you. Cancer and Eclipse Season brought us heavy emotions, this New Moon helps us process them and use them as fuel to our creativity, our self-expression and our ability to lead with our heart.⁠
Take a moment today to write out a list of powerful “I am” statements to center yourself and your vibration. Feel into the strength of statements and your ability to project them into the world. Leo has the ability to shine as bright as the Sun. Feel into your own inner fire and shine it outward for all to see.⁠

From Alchemise

Astro Energy Report: Black Super New Moon in Leo + Mercury Stations Direct – July 31/Aug 1 // ⏃
A resurgence of energy + forward motion is upon us. Boosts of much needed fire + action are taking place, as we begin our breakthroughs of the stagnancy of recent weeks.
Mercury is now stationing direct to free up the flow of communication, information/disclosure + bringing more clarity to our thought processes.
While this Black Super New Moon in Leo, (the 2nd New Moon month in a month – July in the US + August for the rest of the world), is bringing a fierce re-ignition with a Leo stellium + some dynamic cosmic configurations to take us in new directions.
It’s signalling a time to be fully embracing of our authentic self + self-expression + encouraging us to move out into the world with confidence in our skills + talents.
It’s shaking up + shattering the limitations of ego + apathy, with it’s rising frequencies rousing us from our slumbers.
It’s awakening more people + awakening more within us.
The Leo stellium is bringing in major fire energy, acting like rocket boosters at lift off to help us clear energy blockages + take us to the next level on our journey.
The Sun, the Moon, Venus + Mars are all currently in Leo, helping us to reignite + rekindle our passion, our inspiration, our creativity + our self-expression.
A Grand Fire Trine between Jupiter, the Sun/Mars + Chiron is also lighting a fire underneath our expansion – fueling our healing, helping us alchemise any growing pains + using the Sacred flame to provide a transcendent light in the shadows, as well as helping us take inspired action on the bigger picture of our lives + what we value the most.
Chiron is also trine Venus, bringing in a lot of self-healing aspects + aiding us in any self-love issues we may have, all to boost our self-worth + develop our confidence to know that we are enough just as we are.
The energies are ripe to work on your courage to overcome any hurts + insecurities around your sense of self, so you can step forward into the spotlight + shine your light out into the world. Hurts cannot hold you back anymore.
But first Uranus is coming in strongly to shake things up – moving you into this higher healing + empowerment space.
Uranus is square the Moon, the Sun, Venus + trine Saturn, meaning it’s coming in to shatter old egoic thinking + behaviour, moving us into greater self-mastery + maturity – especially around the themes of our consciousness, our emotions + our self-value/self-loves.
Uranus is an energy of freedom + authenticity that separates + liberates us from what is holding us back.
So do not worry if you are triggered at this Moon, as these are the things that are coming up for us to release.
Uranus offers us the higher mental vibration, so will be coming in to attune you to a higher octave or thinking + perceiving – helping you use the Leo flames for transmutation + rejuvenation.
This will all allow for you to release more of your own unique inner fire + life force out into the world, to help you stop playing small – instead to embrace your uniqueness + what makes you, you.
Our life force is a creative force, and we are here to co-create. 

Ask yourself, what do you want to create? What do you want to bring into the world?
What lights you up + gives you access to more life force? How do you want to create your life?

Lifestyles are evolving – so create your life so that it suits you + your unique authenticity.
We are writing new templates, new archetypes + a new paradigm.
No more egoic demands or false creations based on society’s imposed insecurities + competitiveness on the collective. Liberation is in motion.
We’re all here to shine and to celebrate each other. And to have fun and enjoy! So let your inner child play + express exactly the way that they want to – see, hear + embrace them.
The new paradigm is about focusing our time + energy on what we want to create in the world – investing into visions of a protopia to set and anchor a new template…

Things are dismantling for a reason. The energy of the new is starting to be felt.
You can create your life as an expression of your unique gifts, talent, mission + purpose if you so desire.
For we are creative beings. What we speak, think, write + take action on, we create in our lives.
This is the Moon to start to embody your sovereignty + to love + express yourself as the magnificent, beautiful soul that you are.

You are free to step into your power – knowing that it is your birthright to have exactly the kind of life that you desire.
The world needs your light. It needs your love. It needs you, just as you are. So shiny baby, shine ⏀

Intro to Bowspring

In this Vimeo course you will learn:

  • The Bowspring Algorithm: 10 Key Areas for Optimal Alignment
  • Elemental and Level One Pose Breakdowns
  • Elemental/Beginner and Level One Classes: Seeds Kata plus more
  • Over 11 hours of content to help you learn this awesome practice

This practice IS THE DOPE SHIT! Functional, smart movement for the fitness savvy and aware… Your physiotherapist and chiropractor will approve!

Bowspring is a functional, ergonomic, athletic, and therapeutic practice that aims to maintain your spinal curves and create more balanced harmony within the whole body. It helps to address modern day postural imbalances (such as the C-curve from increased slouching and sitting posture) due to technological advances. It is an evolution of modern postural yoga, with poses and posturing based on uniform muscular tone and fascial directionality.

This practice IS THE DOPE SHIT! Functional, smart movement for the fitness savvy and aware… Your physiotherapist and chiropractor will approve!


I have space to work with two new students who are looking for mentorship in movement, life, breathwork, nutrition, love, business, spirituality, and more. I will work with you to create a mentorship program that fits your needs. A collaboration of expansion, as unique and wonderful as you. 

If you are looking to expand, in any area of your life- I would love to work with you. Email: [email protected]

Elisha Jane Bowspring Vimeo Membership

A growing collection of Bowspring Vimeo Videos. Join up!



Breath In Motion: A Bowspring & Breathwork Retreat
Date: September 30 – October 7, 2019
Location: Umbria, Italy
Accommodation: The Sanctuary by Caimeli 
Space for: 12 guests
Teachers: Jennifer Metzger & Elisha Jane

What’s included:

  • 10 Bowspring Classes / Workshops
  • Breathwork with Jennifer & Elisha
  • Morning Hiking Excursion
  • Authentic Pasta Making Evening
  • Chef-made Vegetarian Meals
  • Beautiful accommodations nestled upon an olive orchard and rolling mountains
  • An amazing group of humans to have an unforgettable week away with

Facebook Event: Breath in Motion | Umbria, ITL

| REVIVE | Tofino, BC | November 2019

restore to life or consciousness

A weekend of bowspring, breathing, nature… To rest, restore, and reconnect to yourself and to the beautiful humans who create our rising tribe.

Facebook Event: | REVIVE |

Bow + Surf Immersion | Sri Lanka | February 2020


10 days of Bowspring bliss in the junglely, beautiful, majestic Sri Lanka!

Bow + Surf Immersion Sri Lanka
Date: February 22 – March 2, 2020
Location: Welligama, Sri Lanka
Accommodation: Green Peace Inn
Space for: 14 guests

What’s included:

  • 2 Bowspring classes per day // Handstand workshops
  • One free day of exploring
  • Group Surf Lesson
  • Choice of deep tissue or secret root Ayurvedic full body massage
  • Breathwork with Martina & Alex
  • 2 vegan meals daily, with freedom to explore for your 3rd meal
  • Beautiful ocean front accommodations
  • An amazing group of humans to have an unforgettable getaway with

Facebook Event: Sri Lanka 2020


IG: elishaloulovesyou & elishajaneismyname​

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