‘It’s Time To Tell The Universe’ Full Moon Newsletter

You’re ready for a new vibration!

Hi beauties!

Just going to send you into this full moon with potency, empowerment, and LOVE!

These times bring an urgency and a deep obligation to stand up, speak up, and be heard. We were made for these times: to be loud, awake, and powerful. Whatever is calling inside your heart and belly- think it, feel it, share it, and speak it- loudly.

With full solidarity- we are stronger together. May we rise.


I asked the cards what we could use for this moon… This is what they offered. The inquiries are awesome! Take what resonates, leave the rest. Much love to you on your journey, xx


This is my Playlist 6 by Spotify- I don’t know what’s in it- but surprise! And, enjoy xoxo

Last Nomad


“It’s time to tell the universe you’re ready for a new vibration.”
Today we have our Scorpio Full Moon, the apex of this lunar cycle ushered in by the Taurus New Moon two weeks ago. Scorpio asks us to dive deep into the shadows of our soul, to truly see our inner truth, then fearlessly transform ourselves from the inside out. Scorpio inspires us to continually evolve and to stop at nothing for growth- the kind of growth that raises our very vibration to the next level.

Scorpio is the epitome of the phoenix who rises from the fires she started with her own two hands. She burns down what disempowers her, what keeps her small, and what suppresses her divine intuition. Her Full Moon is often filled with emotional turmoil as we clearly see the situations, habits, and patterns from which we need to free ourselves. Our attachments become glaringly apparent and this Full Moon gives us the choice to break free into the unknown, or remain held back from our true selves.

Scorpio always chooses the path of transformation. This path is generally not the easy, or one of least resistance, but it is the one with the greatest soul fulfillment. To walk this path, we must be willing to follow our intuition every step of the way. We must also be willing to face our fears and understand we have the ability to turn them into trust; trust for the process that is our rising. – Spirit Daughter

Chani will likely have something on this full moon later… So check in- I always love her stuff!

MysticMamma Full Moon in Scorpio Musings

Nylon Scorpio Full Moon by Gala

Full Moon Update by Lena Stevens of The Power Path

Forever Conscious: Intuitive Astrology Full Moon in Scorpio

GOOD SHIT: interesting podcasts, documentaries, or articles

The Evolution of Perception and Fear by Jose Stevens: How you perceive anything ultimately causes you to manifest it or create it in the world you out-picture.

What this says is that, perceiving something results in manifesting it. If I perceive that the world is a horrible place it will soon become true for me. If I perceive the world to be a loving place it will soon become that for me. So with this proposal in mind let us return to the five principle states of perception and how each has imprinted the world with certain beliefs, fears, norms, and behaviors that both determine our world and leave a legacy for countless generations following.

The Wave of Ascension in 2020

Brené Brown: The Call to Courage | Netflix

DANDAPANI: What You Feed Grows

Learn Bowspring!

I created a Vimeo On Demand offering: learn bowspring- Elisha Jane style. In this course you will learn the algorithm, pose break-downs, and enjoy a few elemental and level one classes. This will be a great start to learning to move with this alignment system. More information: HERE!

10 Days of Bowspring: June!

10 one hour classes… Recorded and available for 48+ hours if you miss it.

• Monday 3, 10, 17

• Tuesday 4, 11, 18, 25

• Thursday 6, 13, 27

All classes begin at 9am PST / Vancouver

You can expect an extra class each week, information on what I am geeking out on lately, music, astrology, tarot readings from my new moonchild deck, you know- the typical Elisha blend of musings and magic.

Classes run: June 3rd until June 27th.

Total Cost: $150USD (this includes tax and processing fees)

Start your summer off feeling fit and fabulous… Meow meow!

Click here for more info or to register:10 Days of Bow


Camp Bow

A casual camp-treat on Hornby Island- This place is absolute magic. 

I envision lots of beach time, hikes, eating meals together, sharing stories, camp fires, reading, naps, and bowspring.

| REVIVE | Tofino Weekend

restore to life or consciousness

A weekend of bowspring, breathing, nature… To rest, restore, and reconnect to yourself and to the beautiful humans who create this rising tribe.

Sri Lanka 2020 | Bow + Surf Immersion

DATES: FEBRUARY 22, 2020 – MARCH 2, 2020

5 SPACES LEFT (of 14)


• 2 Bowspring classes per day // Handstand workshops

• One free day for exploring!

• 2 group surf lessons• Choice of deep tissue or secret root Ayurvedic full body massage

• Breath work with Martina and Alex

• Conscious Connected Breath work with me!

• 2 vegan meals daily, with freedom to explore for your 3rd meal

• Beautiful ocean front accommodations

• An amazing group of humans to have an awesome getaway with- trust me- this is the gold of these events

Love you all to the moon,

Always love- Elisha


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