Is Bowspring Yoga?

Is Bowspring Yoga?

This question circles around the minds of many bowspring teachers.
For many of us, our journey began with traditional yoga. We moved through asana, philosophy, meditation, and breathing- and our hearts grew because of the practice and its deep roots in spirituality.

This was the best thing we knew at the time; a practice that offered us all depth, love, connection, and community- spiritual roots and purpose.

Along came Bowspring, a practice that is radically different in postural alignment compared to modern postural yoga. Shifting the paradigm of movement theory and intelligence, bowspring has shaken the traditional ideas of alignment- and of course, when old paradigms are shaken up, those who hold those concepts and ideas close, are often unsettled too. As humans, we tend to resist things that make us feel uncomfortable, the unknown, the new…

When I look at bowspring, I see natural. I see primal, intuitive, curvy. I see animalistic, real, and raw. The alignment FEELS right at a very basic and intrinsic level.
I see us moving back to our original design. I see us moving back to more authentic ways of mindfully moving through life.

If I am asked- “is bowspring yoga?” – I want to say yes. For me, bowspring is the most real, natural, spiritual practice of getting back to source that I know. It raises my energetic vibration like nothing I have ever experienced before. It conditions me toward my highest alignment- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. So, in this way, for me- bowspring is yoga.

But, if you come into my bowspring class- you will not be taken through what society has created as the social norm of yoga- My alignment ideas do not fit that idea or social construct. Bowspring doesn’t fit those outdated ideas of functional movement and alignment.

So, then the question begs to be asked- what is yoga?

Yoga is defined as “yoking” or “uniting” – and in regards to ‘yoga’ is actually speaking to the union of individual consciousness with divine consciousness. This definition describes nothing about asana being a certain way, pose, or alignment.

I will not call my classes yoga because bowspring moves differently than society’s limited and conditioned ideas of movement, and I want to manage expectations. But, perhaps it begs to be questioned, why do we hold on to old and outdated ways of doing things with such a tight grip?

If you hold a spiritual life, it’s possible you believe in the idea that nothing shows up in your life by chance- and that life is beautifully synchronistic.
My body was breaking when I was immersed in my physical yoga asana practice. I am so so grateful that I found the ideas of Bowspring alignment and functional movement when I did. My body has never been stronger, more balanced, and more vitally alive than it is now.
So yoga or not- bowspring is my evolved practice of choice.
Let’s discuss!
Is bowspring yoga?
What is yoga?
Why is bowspring yoga or not yoga?

Meow meow!

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