Just Launched:

Join us in January to dive deep into human potential. If there is one thing I know, we are all in our best spirits at the beginning of the new year, ready to make big, sustainable changes in the right direction- to raise our vibration to a higher frequency- to elevate our potential and sail easy on higher skies.

An intimate group offering- working with 3 holistic professionals- to move you into a new decade with sparkles, magic, and bells on.

Boutique group coaching- bowspring, nutrition, mindset- to bring you forward into your most successful decade yet.

Work With Elisha

Breathwork: Conscious Connected Breathing: nervous system regulation, trauma release and energy integration, detoxification, consciousness expansion, human potential acceleration. 

  • 1 Hour Private Session: $150USD
  • 2 Hour Private Session: $250USD
  • 5 Pack Breath Session (1.5 hour ea): $750USD

Bowspring + Breath + Mindset Mentorship: personalized mentorship programs including an integrated package consisting of my expertise in movement, breathing, and mindset up-leveling. 

  • 25 hours: $3500USD 
  • 50 hours: $6500USD

Bowspring: for posture, performance, physical optimization, and holistic vitality- inside to out.  

  • Private: $150USD/hour

Corporate Group Training: $45USD each student/hour

Up-Level Online Business Coaching: a holistic approach to creating the life you dream of. Inquire for information.

For more information or to book an appointment- send me a note below!

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