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Hi beauties! Happy Full Moon and Happy Easter weekend- Wishing you so much love- and chocolate and bunny hops… This full moon is all about taking note of our relationships, noticing which ones lift you up and make you a better person and which ones don’t… and having the courage

We’re gonna start standing… (March 23, 2019) 45 mins

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On Meditation

These words are from Jeff Brown- and, they are just perfect. “I have found that moving the body and releasing emotional holdings is what brought me into a more naturally meditative and connected state. Not sitting on the cushion, passive like a sloth. The patriarchal spiritualists have been telling us

Saturday Morning Slice of YUM (March 23, 2019) Bow w/Jenna

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A Call To Come Back Home To Her

Lately- I have been working with bringing more soft, sensitive, and feminine energy into my life and my practice. Leaning into feeling, sensing, noticing, softening… that courageous space of vulnerability. It is humbling, conscious work. In my world, my movement community… I have been noticing and watching. Once upon a

Kneeling Things + Bow w/ Jenna (Feb. 21, 2019)

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New Things & Growth Mindset

Gentle Bow with Jenna (Jan 25, 2019)

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Come Together

What if- we came together in community, to share and to support each other- not because we all believe the same thing, move the same way, speak the same language, but because we honor each individual’s unique spirit. We celebrate independence by trusting each individual person, idea, and belief because

May The Whole Earth Know Love

Valentines- Collective love! Filling your cup full. Sending out the source. Heart source vibration of unity, connection, love. Some people criticize today- this “hallmark holiday.” They say it was a holiday built on consumerism. They say it doesn’t stand on anything but marketing, a holiday created to inspire us to

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