Infinite Possibility | 90 Day Group Transformation | Starts: Nov 15, 2019

Decide | Commit | Reset | Realign | Receive | Transform Anything is possible, trust that anything you set your mind on, anything you desire- is available to you. You are infinite. Anything is possible. Working with all four directions: spirit, mind, body, and heart… We are going to shape-shift

Slow Bow | Oct. 14, 2019

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Spirit Is Life Force

Spirit is life force… spirit is for expansion and fullest expression! When you are not expanding, growing, meeting your potential- you are dying… have you looked at where you are on that spectrum lately? “For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself:

Aries Full Moon: Inspires with Fire! Moon Letter + Updates | October 13, 2019

Warning: this one is a big one! But- so much goodness in this whole email- make some space, some tea, and get cozy. Love you!  ​Today is Thanksgiving in Canada… But, one day out of the year simply does not represent the consistent gratitude I hold every single day, every

ADVANCED TRAINING | Dec. 6 – 8, 2019 | Victoria, BC

Advanced Training: A weekend intensive to dive deep into your bowspring, body, and heart potential. FRIDAY: 1230pm – 330pm – Masterclass SATURDAY: **9am – 1015am – Slow Bow L11230pm – 3pm – Inversions, Arm Balances, Wall3pm – 4pm – Bowspring Flow EJ Stylezzz4pm – 430pm – Intro to CCB SUNDAY:

Intention + Action | Libra New Moon Letter & Updates

Happy Moon to you lovers! My dears, this moon seems to be prompting us to move forward. To cast those sweet, dreamy intentions into the stream… or better yet, into the fast paced, strong current… that swift moving river… headed straight for the scary af ‘unknown’ ocean.  I did an Ayahuasca ceremony just over

Unity Consciousness: We Are One

I have this idea in my heart… And, I am not the only one.  This idea that… we are one. But more than just that, we are part of the living organism that is our mama earth. We are part of her ecosystem, like a cell is to our human

Pisces Full Moon: Feeling is Healing | Updates & Newsletter

If we’re not feeling, we’re not healing.  Hi my loves! I spent the past week learning how to hold ceremonial space for breathwork. Twenty six of us gathered to learn the magic of creating circles for healing, community, and deep connection. As we learned to dive into the support and reverence of the great

Virgo Vibes | Updates & Newsletter | August 30, 2019

Hi beauties! So, new moon vibing! I am ready to get to my yoga mat and move my body- I have been sitting at my computer most of the day creating a business plan- and like- guys- I am not good at this stuff! haha I was filling out numbers

There’s A Frog In My Throat… | August 17, 2019 | Bowspring Flow | Level 1.5 |

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